Algorand and the near future


This is just a reminder for anyone invested in Algo that their new governance program starts in a month. I would suggest that you move your coins to their native wallet and stake there. When the new program starts rewards could be as high as 33% AND the first round will also pay the 7% staking. At a minimum it will reward 7.7%+ the 7% staking rewards.

Just remember you have to commit your coins for 3 months and participate in governance voting. You can simply allow your vote to be cast with the Algorand foundation instead of actually voting. Your coins are not locked but if you withdraw them early you lose any rewards.

Coinbase currently takes almost half the staking rewards for themselves right now (3%) and I would bet that most if not all of the new governance program rewards end up in their pocket. Keep your money for yourself!

Oh and unlike 400 gwei fees for ETH you can move ALGO for fractions of a penny.


Someone asked for a source so here’s the link directly to the Algorand Foundation with corresponding links to all the info you need. Also I was wrong and it could be as low as 7.7% not 13.

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