Akita Inu’s effect on the Algorand ecosystem.


Does the existence of Akita Inu on the Algorand blockchain encourage people in this sub to invest or does that nature of it being a meme coin turn you off regardless?

Seems like there is a lot of Algo supporters in here… curious if you see this memecoin’s potential success as a reflection on Algorand or not? Also is there a possibility that the attraction of a coin with little to no use case to a ecosystem that touts its practicality cheapens and could negatively affect the press that Algorand is currently getting?

I have avoided all memecoins up to this point but have invested a fair amount into Algorand since early last year. I haven’t put any serious research into any of the meme coin drama, outside of laughing at Elon Musks bullshit with Doge coin and briefly thinking a couple “coulda, woulda, shouldas”. If this could have a positive effect on Algorand, what could be the harm to throwing a couple hundred to Akita Inu and having fun with a shit coin that at least exists in something I care about?

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