AKITA INU (ASA) – Algo’s First Memecoin


Seeing the rise of Doge and Shiba into the top 10, I’ve missed both of those boats by dismissing them as “shitcoins” and “useless”

Now, I’ve found a memecoin on Algorand which looks very promising to me and I won’t miss out this time

AKITA INU is a community based meme coin focused around helping animal shelters and they have already officially donated over $1500 to Hope for Paws

On top of that, today they did a huge giveaway to all who joined and gave 2,000+ AKITA INU tokens for each person

With the speed and low transaction fees of Algo, and the strong community behind the token, I can easily see this token being among the ranks of Doge and Shiba

I put my money where my mouth is and have bought 100,000+ AKITA INU (Over $600+) and I’m holding for the future

Let me know what you think: Is it another shitcoin or a promising project?

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