Ahh shit…. Here we go. The final capitulation is starting.


Many have been calling for it for weeks now. Well here we go…. Alts are crashing and the Bitcoin dominance is at 46%.

My stop losses triggered about an hour ago and the coins are still dropping. Avalanche down 10%, Solana down 7%, Fantom 10%, Lolring down 14%. Even Ethereum is bleeding heavily.

You might still be here, and well done. But this is the final smash we have been waiting for. Nothing is happening in crypto, nothing. So why the fact we managed to limp along since Terra fucked us all means nothing – all the prices were being held up by speculation alone.

We’re about to find out exactly what our coins are worth – what their value is.

How far could we drop? I’m guessing Bitcoin under $25k by the weekend.

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