After the worst launch of any coin in crypto history, ICP Founder now wants to launch ANOTHER COIN.


ICP founder Dominic just announced on Twitter that he intends to start another coin to “supplement ICP”. He goes on to say that value from this second coin (called Badlands) will then be used to give value to ICP. This closely resembles a ponzi scheme, which he claims “will be good for everyone”

Its hardly been a month since ICP’s launch, and since then the project has been accused of one thing after another – from insiders dumping on holders to locking out early ICO participants, to being shady and opaque on the circulating supply of the token. The market has not reacted well to these shenanigans post ICP launch, and price of the coin has crashed over 90% from a peak of over $1000 to almost $30 recently.

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