After the crypto winter, make sure you spring clean.


Hi all I have been in this game for a while and I want to try and give some advice on some good things to do as a crypto user while the markets are still moving sideways (hopefully not for too much longer 🤞)

1- Telegram / Discord groups – if you have any projects you like join their groups, they’re a good way to test the health of a project. If they have regular discussions and active moderators, then hopefully the project is in good shape. However if the group is very quiet, or just people posting rocket emojis and when moon, they are most likely bagholders looking to sell first chance they get. Feel free to snip off the group’s that have nothing going on, or at least archive them, so you can keep an eye on the good ones.

2- Githubs – make sure to check a projects GitHub to see how much development is being done on it. While this may not always be the best indicator, as a released project may not have that much development as one in testnet, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

3 – Learn how to use your crypto – this is probably the most important one for me. Now is actually a good time as gas fees across the board have lowered. Get yourself a browser extension wallet (metamask most likely), then add RPC for a layer 1 network like FTM, AVAX, BNB – then deposit some money into it, no more than your willing to lose. And then learn how it works to interact with a web3 website. Make a few small swaps on sushiswap, buy a worthless nft from an nft marketplace, just play with and educate yourself. There are a few tutorials online if you need help. I wouldn’t recommend using ethereum for this as it’s gas fees are still high.

4 – learn how to read your block explorer. This kinda leads on after #3. Learn how the block explorer works on your chain, check some people’s wallets. View some charts and analytics. Learn how people become Blockchain detectives.

By doing a few of these you will be better prepared for what comes ahead.

Note: if your a bitcoin maxi skip 1 & 3 and use the time to send Peter Schiff a picture of your balls

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