After several years in crypto, the phrase “I know this guy” still seems to be the No 1 when someone is trying to shill shit.


Everytime someone is excited about a coin, or bull market, or just trying to shill shitcoins, somehow , somewhere along the lines of the shill, we hear, “I know this guy that knows EVERYTHING about crypto!”. “This guy I know makes so much money!”. And you know what he said?


“He said he’s all on on Shit5Coin”


I’m serious , this guy is always right.

I don’t know what it is , but somehow everyone thinks they make the shill that much better by mentioning “someone I know”.

Stop using this to shill. What the other person did never will and never has helped the Shillee. So it’s irrelevant. Me knowing a millionaire doesn’t make me like them in any sense.

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