After revisiting the r/Safemoon subreddit you can see that some people will just never learn…


Yesterday I just saw a Safemoon post popped up on my reddit and already the headline showed how well the sun is still staying to its name. Many were calling for Safemoon to go down lower so that they can “accumulate” more. Still everyone there seems to be highly confident about going “to the moon” .

All that after countless amazing Coffezilla videos about how scamy Safemoon is and how their CEO is constantly dumping on them. Btw there was even a post about Coffezilla calling about predictions for his next video so that they can “buy the dip”. I mean literally how can some still do that? Literally not learn anything after countless other scams in crypto and their own countless scams.

Coming to the conclusion that some just are not ready to learn. Obviously there were once post on that sub too where people talked about the scam and exited but there are still many who are not ready to accept their miss-investment and move on, something thats very common in Crypto sadly.

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