After DoJa Cat, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) joins Tezos – clean (eco) NFTs army, National broadcast TV.


Hope you guys have a nice weekend! Here are what I found today:

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park minting on Tezos NFT – HEN / hic et nunc

The supercute edition sells for 600.000 usd.

On national broadcast TV – Hello Tezos at Citi Field – NY Yankees at New York Mets

Network activity updates

Tezos has had over 650,000 transactions in the past 24 hours (as of writing). At the time of writing, the figure sits at 660,601.

Yesterday, it was reported that the blockchain had over 400,000 transactions, which was also a new milestone and record. Over the past 30 days Tezos has averaged 236,594 transactions.

This growth appears to have been happening for multiple reasons. One big reason is the new #OBJKT4OBJKT event taking place on Hic Et Nunc, NFT Biker and

Other reasons, include the growth of DeFi, including many transactions taking place over the PlentyDeFi platform as a result of their newly launched farming opportunities.

Just recently, OneOf started marketing their first artist NFTs (which will also be available on and first up was a series of Doja Cat drops on the platform. Doja Cat has 14.3 million Instagram followers and was recently portrayed in a New York Times Square billboard advertisement marketing OneOf.

We can see the number of daily Tezos transactions and also the monthly average on the

This means that in the past 24 hours Tezos has had 54.14% of Ethereum transactions, over the same time period.

Over the past 30 days Ethereum has averaged around 1,202,766 transactions per day. This means over the last 30 days Tezos has had 19.67% of Ethereum transactions.

Over the past 24 hours, Cardano has had 114,245 transactions.

This means that Cardano has 17.29% of the Tezos transactions over the same time period.

The Cardano block explorer shows data for the last 15 days, so we will have to take their average over 15 days. Cardano had an average of 88,925 transactions per day over the 15 days.

Although not exactly like-for-like, Tezos over 30 days had an average of 236,594 per day, meaning Cardano is having around 37.58% of Tezos transactions per day over a slightly longer timeframe.

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