After 2017 crash,It took roughly 1 year to find the bottom for BTC and ETH.


After 2017 crash,it roughly took 1 year to find the bottom for BTC and ETH. The so called experts telling you this could be the bottom then take that with the grain of salt.

If we match the 2017 drawdowns for BTC and ETH, it’s 85% and 95% respectively, then we are looking at levels of $10k BTC and $250 for ETH. It might seem highly unlikely, but the market is surely reflecting some fear of this happening.

Crypto exchanges halting new hirings,even cutting the current staff, miners selling their stacks to cover up for the expenses could be the some of the signs you are looking for. Even the rest of the financial markets are not doing good, fearing a recession might be coming.

Overall, the picture of market is still negative.

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