Advice for people who got in crypto this year.


I’ve been in crypto for many years. When I mean many years I mean I saw bitcoin at 300usd and eth at under 10usd. I’ve been through a bull and bear market. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

My honest advice to someone who’s new to this game is:

Identify a coin you’re interested in and do good research on what they are trying to achieve. Think of whether they will have an impact on society in the next decade or so.

DCA! Every month just allocate a small amount of your paycheck to your chosen coin. Mine was ethereum. I did this for 3 years straight.

Do NOT try day trade. I mean if you want to try it out go ahead, but from past experience ive just seen people lose no matter what when they are day trading. The long term holders always win.

The secrete? Accumulate and hold until your comfortable enough to take profits. Never sell at a loss unless in an emergency.

The people i know who followed these obvious steps changed their lives for the better. I still believe there is opportunity for people to change their lives with crypto. Just don’t let greed blindside you.

Thanks for reading. This is my first post on this subreddit so I wanted it to be good.

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