A word of caution about Solana (SOL)


I just wanted to remind everyone that SOL suffered a DOS attack back in September, only less than 2 months ago. One of the main criticisms at the time was that they just shut down the network, showing how centralized their project was.

Now, it’s at an ATH, with no slowdown in sight.

Just because a coin is rising doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good project. Yes, it could eventually make a case to be a competitor to ETH. But there are still a lot of risks along the way.

Just to give a small history lesson. Last bull run, do you guys remember the project TRON (TRX)? Led by Justin Sun (who r/cc seems to hate), they were in the top 10 coins by market cap during the last bull run. People made money! But now? They’re #29, and the project hasn’t really gone anywhere.

I’m not saying SOL will follow this path exactly, but just wanted to warn everyone that there are definitely risks with this project, and taking profits on it is never a bad idea.

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