A total of $5.9 billion in ETH (1,556,769 ETH) was burned since EIP-1559 was implemented. That’s more than the market cap of Ethereum classic.


As of January 19th, 2022 9:53 AM GMT, 1,556,769 ETH worth $5,939,527,711 was burned since the implementation of EIP-1559 on August 5th,2021.

Its wild to think that ETH amounting to more than the entire market cap of Ethereum classic was burned in just 5 months time since EIP-1559 and still more is to come.

The highest amount burned was 19,424 ETH on 10th january,2022 and atleast 10,000 ETH or more was burned everyday since january 4th till today.

If the amount of ETH burned was a coin it will be #32 in market cap today.

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