A temporary hold on Loopring discussion has been implemented


Hello /r/Cryptocurrency users,

Recently, you may have noticed a severe influx of comments and posts about Loopring. We love it when exciting developments happen with Cryptocurriences new and old, however, we can not and will not condone vote manipulation and brigading. Unlike most subreddits with a single focus and unified community, r/CryptoCurrency has the unique challenge of providing a fair and neutral place for many communities to discuss crypto. When you add financial incentives and our large audience to the equation, some users will do whatever it takes to gain exposure for their favorite coin. However, manipulation of the subreddit will never be allowed because it disadvantages everyone else who is following the rules and playing fairly.

It has come to our attention that over the past few days, users have been persistently linking to comments and posts in this subreddit from various platforms, including official Loopring social media channels.

Vote manipulation and brigading are a direct breach of Reddit’s policies. Posts that are in violation of these policies are removed on sight. Unfortunately, we have seen multiple instances of Loopring users encouraging Vote Manipulation and Brigading behavior. Brigades are not good for anybody. They result in the users being banned, waste mod time, reflect poorly on the project, and negatively impact the subreddit for our subscribers.

To this end, we are introducing a temporary hold on all Loopring posts and comments until this wave of brigading and vote manipulation stops. Be aware that any attempts to circumvent these filters will result in a ban. We have contacted Loopring community managers to ask them to place preventative measures to limit this behavior. We will take all required measures to prevent this negative behavior, including long-term blacklisting if necessary.

Please keep this in mind – we do not enjoy limiting discussion, but our overall aim is to keep the community safe and fair. We look forward to welcoming Loopring back to r/CryptoCurrency when this matter is resolved.

Thank you.

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