A super useful website to help understand the market cap potential of alt coins!


Huge shout out to u/lovinglyhandmade who created this website and wonderful tool!

This website really helps to understand a cryptocurrency’s market cap and is a great tool to help in understanding the relative size and the potential upside of different coins!

Example: “if coin X had market cap of coin Y, it would be worth $Z”



Supports the top 500 non-stable coins/tokens as per CoinMarketCap data Quickly see impact of different market caps using a slider, as well as input a hypothetical amount of coins to calculate total worth Supports multiple reference fiat currencies (USD,JPY,GBP,CHF,CAD,AUD,HKD,CNY) Coin data is auto-refreshed every 3 hours, including Fiat exchange rates Mobile friendly No ads, no spam

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