A Stablecoin That Pays You Interest


A stablecoin that pays you interest the entire time it is in circulation and designed for cryptocurrency traders.

Regular webinars and AMA’s. Register @ www.BankX.io

Earn interest for minting a stablecoin.

Leverage your position by buying more crypto to mint more stablecoin to earn EVEN MORE interest.

Never be faced with liquidation of your collateral used to mint the stablecoin.

Dramatically increase passive income with a system designed for no risk.

1. BankX – the first cryptocurrency that pays you interest for minting a stablecoin.

Get paid interest for the entire time the stablecoin is in circulation.

You decide how long it’s in circulation while you continue to earn interest.

More time in circulation, the more interest you earn.

2. BankX has NO collateral liquidation.

Other collateral-based stablecoins liquidate your position during market volatility.

BankX will NEVER liquidate your position.

3. Designed for Crypto Traders.

Simply mint the stablecoin to earn interest, then use the stablecoin to buy MORE crypto to mint more stablecoin, earning even more interest and so on.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of yearly interest you are earning, you can use the stablecoin to trade in and out of other crypto. Or, buy and stake the BankX token to earn more interest.

The BankX system accelerates your trading returns by minting the stablecoin as many times as you like without fear of market volatility triggering liquidation of your assets.

BankX hosts regular webinars/AMA’s where you can learn exactly how this works.

Visit www.BankX.io to learn more.

BankX = [Terra Luna + Frax Finance + Hex] + yearly interest paid to you for the stablecoin you mint

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