A scammer sent me keys to an empty but used wallet. What do I do now?


I ask a few questions on crypto subs and am regularly DMd buy scammers as we all are. When this happens I let them go through their scam and then after they send me their link to the phishing site I ask for their keys. Usually I just play dumb and say it’s not working, send me theirs so I know I’m doing it right.

This is always the end of the conversation, until today. This one told me to reinitialize with their link, something that ends with .site. I said I needed to see his phrase so I knew I was doing it right. He asked for my addy and I sent him a public addy from ethscan. Then he sent me his phrase.

I opened a new metamask and restored from the phrase. It has 3 chains with activity, two eth transactions and a handful of bcs or something.

Question is, what now? Is there a way to be alerted if there is activity on the address?

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