A reminder of what crypto is REALLY about


Crypto is not here to make you fucking r*ch. It can be a great side effect of it. But let’s remind ourselves what the actual real goal of it really is:

To get people back into control and fight the corruption above with crypto revolution. Make our own governments that functions fairly for everyone and doesn’t allow any cheating within its systems. And without any any possibility for anyone evil to fight againsts it, and accessible to anyone on the world. That’s what crypto is really about. That’s what triggered Satochi to make Bitcoin in the first place. You are not a true crypto believer if you don’t know what Satchi encoded into the Genesis block, I won’t even post it here, you should know, or google it…

It was 2008, banks getting bailed out by governments while poeple suffered the inflation. We were just slaves…

But we have the tech to fight this corrupt ancient system now. Too powerful for them to fight back, it will prevail. China can’t ban Bitcoin no matter how many times they say they will.

Being evil is not just immoral, but also fucking stupid if you really think about it and are not a fucking asshole.We are all people and deserve the same same rights, an utopia is actually not a naive idea. We just never had the tech to achieve it like we do now.The tech we have now can bring either utopia or dystopia upon ourselves, we better fucking fight to make the former option the reality. For all of us, an even for selfish means – utopia is better for everyone, even evil people, they are just too stupid to realize that.

There is no need for crime in a fair and secure world. And such a world can be built.

And blockchains are the tools to build this. Blockchains carry this ideology against evil within themselves (at the good chains, like Bitcoin/Ethereum/Cardano etc.) They can take over the world just by people individually accepting them. And the government will ultimately lose its power because it will not have the support of the people. Blockchains are going to be out new governemtns, let’s make sure they are good ones. Not something that breaks in 5 years, not something that can get hacked, not something that will cook out planet. Cardano planned for all of this stuff, it’s the only chain that planned for all of this this stuff (i think Ergo too, you are also good bros!). We should actually all be Cardano maxis. Even iwth interoperability in mind – that’s just to save the sinking ships of other blockchain for a misery because we re the good guys.

We want to save the people invested in other blockchain, not wish going to zero upon them. But that number ultimately doesn’t really matter.The good cryptos will have that number go up in long term, short term is just the random fluctuation of individuals making decisions.The long term is the real march of the crypto towards the world domination. The best chains will keep going up a sign of more and more people trusting them – if there is any hope for humanity.

I have this hope, so that’s why I’m here and why I support Cardano. I don’t care if I lose 90 percent in the next year.

I believe Cardano is the one blockchain that has even a bigger ability than bitcoin to rise up again and against from those ashes, because of how it’s built and what idelology it carries.

And I don’t fucking care if some dog coin goes up 100000000 percent I will not invest a single molecule of dick cheese into that shit.

Being a billionaire in a dystopia is fucking worthless. Invest in stuff that can make the world a better place!

Being a legit billionaire in a fair and secure world has much much better potantial to give you a great life yknow!

I guess I kinda sound like CH now…

I hope people won’t start calling me a cult leader for having the audacity to talk “nasty cultish” or “naive” stuff like this. Anyone who is offended by this can go fuck themselves and don’t expect any respect from me.

And anyone who actually gets a cultish inspiration from my words and wants me to run for Pres or something:

Fuck no, that’s how you get assasinated or blackmailed by big data into curruption, that’s not how you win this fight. And I’m not an US citizen anyway lol, but we are all the people of Earth and on one ship together, so we must not fight over gaining power and dominance and cooperate instead, even if we to force ourselves to do so with blockchain.

You support revolutionary systems like Cardano, that will fight this evil for us and actually has a chance to win against this!

We have to win this fight against evil together by supporting true complete fair decentralization of all the big systems that Cardano is trying to do. And THAT is why we are really here and what Satochi himself wanted to kickstart, and Cardano has the real power to achieve.

Cardano is THE blockchain that has everything – ultimate security, fairness, decentralization, sustainability and self-optimization.

It’s the ultimate weapon to fight the root of all evil – the disagreements between people over anything and selfish cheats!

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