A message if this was your first dip


Was this your first dip?

Don’t worry. I started investing mid April. Yes, during the ATH. Within about 2 weeks the big May crash happened.

BITCOIN dropped to $30k from $64k.

Yes I panicked, but I didn’t sell. Mainly because I didn’t wanna lose money. If you don’t sell you haven’t lost anything.

But I was worried. So I didn’t buy. I had no experience in crypto and assumed id invested days before it all crumbled and disappeared.

Time went by, the price went up. As you know we just hit a new ATH.

I wish I knew back then what I know now. I would have bought that $30k btc dip so hard.

Now this may not be a huge crash, but it’s a dip. Pick your coins, maybe buy those coins you were thinking about too (provided you have the funds available) and wait.

Don’t panic sell. Invest what you can afford. Buy the dips. You can’t really go wrong with that.

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