A magnetic storm is coming. I’m shielding my hardware wallets from it, in my microwave.


As you may have heard, a magnetic storm is inbound to hit earth between now and tomorrow evening. The possibilities of how this may affect our hardware wallets is frightening, to put it mildly. So, I’ve done some research and decided that the best course of action is to fight fire with fire. I’ll be stashing my hardware wallets in my microwave, as well as wearing my custom tinfoil hat (magnetic sensory amplifier), and when I get a tingle, I’m hitting full-send on microwave to protect my assets!

Don’t be a sucker, grab your magnetic sensory amplifier hats, prepare your microwave, and hit start AS SOON as you feel an anvil approaching your face at 1000 mph due to the suns magnetic malevolence.

Stay vigilant my friends!

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