‘A lot of coins pumping now won’t survive a bear market’ what does this really mean?


Hey everyone, I don’t want to ruin the moment we’re all having in the market right now, but I keep seeing comments in this sub saying something like… in the next bear market most of these coins pumping right now won’t exist any more.

Can someone explain this to me in more depth please.

Does this mean that people currently invested in a coin will sell and the coin will ultimately drop super low in value? If that’s the case it will surely still exist though right?

If you believe the hype in subs for each coin it seems there are many loyal investors willing to Hodl through a bear cycle, in which case despite a drop in price, the project would surely survive wouldn’t it?

Or is the comment mainly in reference to meme coins only, where people are purely invested for returns and not the validity of the project itself, so a dip will trigger rats from a sinking ship.

Or are there legit projects we would see disappearing? If so how would this happen and which are more in danger of that happening than others? Lower market caps?

I’m still learning here, so I may well have missed something obvious.

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