A lot of bullish news this week.


Here’s a brief summary of some of the (very bullish) news headlines from this week. Remember folks, we are still early to the party. Not a bear in sight.

The Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez is to take his full salary in Bitcoin this year.

Elsalvador to construct over 20 schools using the profits from its Bitcoin. The first stone has been placed for the previously announced veterinary clinic they are building. It’s current btc holdings are 1120BTC

Australia’s largest Commonwealth bank is going to facilitate crypto trading. It will do this through a partnership with Gemini.

UFC has partnered with Crypto.com. We will expect to see crypto.com advertisements plastered alongside UFC news shortly. UFC has a predicted fan base of 625million people.

Singapore has no plan to ban crypto trading. In fact the government have stated the opposite “embrace crypto or risk being left behind”

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