A lot of acquisition and bailouts have been happening here in the past days from Tier-1 Crypto exchanges. Is this something we should worry about?


Obviously the whole Crypto market has been in Avery brutal downtrend and we all saw our losses climbing. This also caused some smaller Crypto exchanges to shut completly down as they apperantly never has a security for BTC prices to go this low and their liquidation levels were too high. Now many smaller exchanges are illiquid, way more than we actually know.

To them there has been a lot of bailouts and now even acquisition happening. The biggest ones are obviously Voyager and BlockFi now even with a buyout from FTX. Even Celsius us having some major problems. Some of these problems are also due to the UST implosion.

So with all those big centralized exchanges now getting ready to take over smaller exchanges on a highly discounted price they will only grow in power and they have mostly no fear of collapse due to their broader risk management. Wouldn’t this just make the exchange environment in Crypto even more centralized?

I don’t want a Crypto market where hurt a few exchanges own a ton of companies here that would be absurd and the complete opposite of what crypto represents.

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