A journey of a $10


So back in May I invested $10 in a shit coin that happened to pump and I sold in the right time.

And its funny how this $10 progressed so far

• $10 in shitcoin made $1200

• I reinvested $1200 in CAKE and sold it and converted my investment to $2200 after 4 months.

• I reinvested the $2200 in ALGO and made me $3600

• Today the $3600 is invested in a coin waiting for it to moon (sorry not going to chill it 😅)

Its all cheer luck and so far working out for me. What about you and similar stories to share? 🤠

Edit: Just to make it clear, my recent investment is not a shitcoin (not going to try my luck anymore with shitcoins) but I invested the money on one of the great projects that maybe it will moon someday

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