A glimpse into the future: I modified these shopping websites to display their prices in BTC value


Everyone is bearish and I think we need to step back and remember where the future is going. About half a year ago, I was looking for a way to change default currency on websites to Bitcoin, but couldn’t find any, so I made it myself. I posted a few screenshots back then, but the prices have changed, so here is an update.

I took some screenshots of generic websites. You’re probably familiar with most of them, and searched common products. Then I simply conducted conversions to the current price of Bitcoin ~$20k. It turned into a fun activity where I was basically modifying websites to show what they could look like in the future. Of course, since they are showing the price in the current value of BTC, they will look a bit different when the world undergoes the inevitable mass adoption.

I could have chosen any crypto to do this of course, but with the takeup from some countries already, the currency of the future is more than likely to be bitcoin.

Dresses on ebay

GPUs on Amazon

Toys at Walmart



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