A forgotten Kucoin account has made me more money than 8 years of work combined


I had previously forgotten my Kucoin account information until this summer. I found my old iPhone 6 and my notes app had all my passwords and keys (LMAO). My Kucoin account that I was day trading with back in late 2017 early 2018. After the crash of 2018 I kind of separated myself from crypto in general and I thought I had liquidated everything (boy was I wrong).

This cycle I wanted to get back on to Kucoin to buy some low cap gems that aren’t on the big exchanges yet and I found a bag of Trac that I had forgotten I bought at an extremely small price. They’re a dollar now????

Along with that was a pretty substantial bag ok KCS I had earned from having a fair amount held. I guess Kucoin rewards you if you hodl KCS???

Anyway, this isn’t a bragging post. More of a “if you lose money here it’s your own fault” post. No numbers involved. But for context I’m a 23 year old that has been working minimum wage jobs since 15. Those 2 Kucoin finds and my eth staking has earned me more in the year 2021 than I have made at all my other jobs combined.

I don’t even know what this means. Are working wages too low? Am I a god? Did I get super lucky?

TL:DR I found my old Kucoin account. That account with shitcoins in it earned me more than I had made in 8 years of low wage work. I am a crypto god, AMA.

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