A fact ignored by most crypto investors: profits in crypto are (still) other investor’s losses.


How often did I read something like “crypto can help the little men to escape poverty” or “it could make us all financially independent”. Yesterday (I believe) someone posted a study claiming that the average crypto investor knows a lot about crypto, but a lot less about our financial system than the average stock investor and this comes as no surprise.

You can roast me for this one, but I’ve just made a graph showing what’s happening:

zero-sum situation, crypto style

Investor A makes a quick buck, the early adopter got his big gains for free and investor B… well, he’s paying for it the moment he’s buying his investment and holding his bag.

A lot of people thought they’ve lost their money in Luna and it just got burnt. No, it isn’t. Your money now belongs to those who became rich or at least had gains selling LUNA in the right moment.

As long as we don’t have a real product connected to the real world (where other people are willing to pay money for), we do not have more than a zero-sum game.

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