A disabled friend of mine has no real route to safely aquire cryptocurrency…


I have a friend who is completely blind, but has tremendous aptitude for understanding and comprehension. This friend listens to a lot of podcasts and YouTube via their PC by using on screen speech apps and the like.. Recently I was speaking with them and they wanted me to help them get into investing, specifically with cryptocurrency.. Now this is where I realized how exclusionary KYC truly is.. My advice to this friend was to give them the safest bets possible, especially considering their fixed income and my actual desire to help them get ahead financially. It isn’t easy being blind. The world is very critical of being able to see.

So traditionally they would use a text to speech app to fill out URL boxes or search certain things but that app does not work with some secured apps, like ones linked to financial institutions.

This is where a helper like me comes in, doing what I can for them regarding things of this nature.

Well being as this person has no drivers license nor visa (passport) it comes down to a state issued ID.. which after a few days of frustrating talks with the couple of exchanges we can use here, they are saying they can’t verify their identity.

Not only can they not verify identity, but I realized very quickly that if it even came down to sending or receiving cryptocurrency, they would be out of luck as well.

They can’t confirm if an address is correct via the first few/last few digits, like most of us do. They can’t easily pull up a QR code to allow transfer into a wallet. The only thing they can do is hope someone like me is around to help them should they need it.

This doesn’t scream “financial freedom” or “financial inclusion” to me.

This thought snowballed quickly, and I am now reaching out to this community for any advice or maybe spark innovation to address this..


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