A couple of days ago, Bitcoin dropped $3100 in mere hours. Last year, BTC was ONLY worth $3700.


If Bitcoin had lost this much in March 2020, that would have been an epic crash of 84% in just a few hours.

Bitcoin is unbelievably massive.

I know all the “grandpa” jokes/memes are flying around, especially in the daily but consider this scenario:

“Bitcoin can’t get me 100x, so that’s why I’m buying [insert moonshot coin name]”

Ok, I get it.

You want to be in the game.

The lure of hitting a 100x or 1000x on a coin is sweetly intoxicating because school/work/life sucks.

So you pick your fledgling coin, you’ve studied the tokenomics and you decide it’s got as good a chance as any to rise up to the top 10.



To that, I say:

Well, if you’re going to be risky, why not put that risk in Bitcoin?

If Bitcoin going to $5 million (100x) is a moonshot and coin x doing 100x is a moonshot, ask yourself:

If you’re wrong, what’s the worst that could happen?

Choose Bitcoin: It doesn’t 100x. But it’s almost certain to hold its value in 5 years time as anyone whose ever hodled BTC for more than 4 years is in profit.

Choose Coin x: It doesn’t 100x. But in 5 years time, it could be a ghost chain, discarded and forgotten, down 90% or more from ATH.

That’s the true beauty of Bitcoin:

Buy buying it, you have a chance to witness a 100x, and you most definitely won’t lose money if you hodl 5 years.

Smart money is in Bitcoin.

I hope your long shot moons for you, but I’m betting on Bitcoin blowing past 100x or a 1000x after the 2032 halving.

Full disclosure:

My crypto portfolio is nearly 80% Bitcoin.

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