A bit of a survey. Let’s see how people think Crypto will do in 2022. And then one year later compare how it actually did.


In the past days the crypto sentiment is changing according to the 8 hour candle apparantly. So let’s see how people are currently, in such a bear market atmosphere, thinking about BTC and crypto as a whole doing in 2022.

In such a volatile market where everything changes just in a few minutes it will be fun to see how well or not so well we could predict the future. And with that settle the question whether crypto is predictable or. Whether the so often used statement “we don’t know shit about fuck” is actually true.

Just write down a basic prediction does not have to be any exact number or so. Just whether we are going to moon or correct.

I personally think:

Q4 2022 will be the cycle top with not rly a parabolic rise but a very respectable moonshot. Just my thoughts. As a supporter of Lenghtning bull cycles.

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