A 5 point 5 year guaranteed get rich scheme in crypto.


From all of my research, I have noted some common themes to getting rich in crypto. I’ve narrowed my analysis down to 5 simple points. If you follow this is strategy, you will see a return of more than 1000% in 5 years.

1: DYOR. Find a few coins with good projects that you beleive in. They don’t have to be the majors, but they should be solid. Avoid meme coins.

2: Transfer them to a wallet and store the seed phrase on paper somewhere safe.

3: Cut all your connections to crypto – exchanges, forums, news articles etc

4: Enjoy life. Work out. Have lots of sex. Don’t talk to anyone about crypto.

5: Wait till 5 years have passed and re-open your wallets. Congratulations. You’re rich.

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