94.6% of News articles about Shiba are paid shills


Feed the most recent one…


If you had invested x amount into x coin on x date you would be up X amount.

Wow. This can be said for any popular investment in recorded history. If you invested in lumber before the pandemic you’d have x amount.

These articles are clearly paid for because it’s not really journalism. Anyone can make a post about how much you’d be up if x, y, and z happened.

These are kill 2 birds with one stone shills paid for as reminders to holders to keep holding , and noobs to buy or they will keep missing out.

There’s much vested interest in alts like these and they are just there to make $$$$… It will never have any real use in the future over and above anything else. Just rename it to SafeDoge to align with the direction it’s headed.

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