9 years ago, Vitalik Buterin was the first one that talked about concept of Moons on Reddit.


This is u/vbuterin‘s reply to a post about a reddit user giving tips to redditors in BTC. (from a 9 years old post on r/Bitcoin)

This thread gives me an idea – what if companies like dailybitcoins.com use Google or Reddit or Bitcointalk accounts for their free bitcoin giveaways rather than just IP addresses and captchas? It would greatly reduce fraud, potentially allowing the sites to give out much more. And one could even create such a site to serve a dual purpose. Imagine if I wanted to help the subreddit on Mesoamerica get more attention. Then I could create a faucet that gives a differential amount based on the number of upvotes you get inside of that subreddit, encouraging people to post good comments there.

Then again, it could also itself be pretty susceptible to fraud; I guess someone would have to try to see how well it can turn out.

That dude lives way ahead of his time..

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