9 red weeks


It’s official. New record since last week. Nine red weeks for the king.

What does this mean?

It means obviously that we are in a bear market, that should go without being argued.

It also means we are in unfamiliar territory with this bear market in particular. This downtrend has lasted longer than the bear in 2018 but just hasn’t been as dramatic except for the lunacy fiasco.

Anyone saying they know whats going to happen ESPECIALLY doesn’t know anything now. New territory for the slow and smooth downtrend.do what you think is best. You’re guess is as good as any.

I expect nothing and will not pretend to know what’s going to happen next, but I will continue the path to financial freedom with purchases during this bear. If you believe in crypto then this is the way.

Stay safe out there

Edit: I can see how this might be seen as FUD considering my point about the “uncertainty” part, the market at this moment is extremely uncertain, BUT I am certain that we will recover eventually, I got alot of money betting on it

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