80% of all dollars in existence were created in the last 2 years. This is why I closed all my bank accounts. Bitcoin is my savings account


Just take a look at this chart. It looks like some shitcoin on pancakeswap. Sadly it’s not a pump and dump. It’s pump only.


M1 is the total circulating currency supply in the economy outside of treasury consisting of physical currencies and checking deposits.

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic the M1 money supply which is known as narrow money was $4 trillion USD.

The current M1 money supply is $20 trillion USD. It’s gone up five times over in less than 2 years. If you’re wondering why prices of basic goods are skyrocketing it’s because there’s now five times more dollar supply.

In this situation congress is about to raise the debt ceiling again by 2.5 trillion dollars. US debt is already over 30 trillion.

Bitcoin’s monetary policy hasn’t changed even once since 2008 and it never will. It keeps working flawlessly based on pure math instead of someone constantly meddling with it.

I’m done playing their game. If the players all quit, their game is over. It’s that simple.

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