$69,420 will unironically become a resistance and support line and there’s nothing we can do to stop it


Meme culture has proven time and time again that all you need is the power of widespread hype to push projects to ATH’s and lows.

The train has already left the station people. I for one can’t wait for multiple mainstream media articles to mention bitcoin at a “nice” level just to throw the boomers and no-coiners for an extra loop.

Is it healthy for the space? Probably not.

Is it going to cause media and retail interest? You bet your sweet bell-bottoms it will.

A couple years ago this was an impossible joke but now, on the edges of greatness here we sit at an inevitability.

Some very intelligent people may even be able to make a couple extra bucks off knowing this level is going to cause some chaos, but I am not a smart man. I simply set my portfolio to Wumbo and watch the charts go bonkers.

Trust me. Once we hit the level, check Google trends and I guarantee there will be a massive spike in interest.

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