6 months ago, a user vowed to do the exact opposite of this sub’s financial advice. He said he would post the result but hasn’t. I do an experiment and see how things would go. Results today: he is currently down 20%. Had he done as per this sub’s advice, he would have been up 25%.


6 months ago, I remember reading a post from an user who wrote:

“I’m going to conduct a test with $1000. I’m going to do the opposite of whatever the majority of /r/cryptocurrency is saying to do.

If they say not to invest in XRP, I’ll invest in XRP. No way any of this is going into ALGO, VeChain, BTC, or ETH.

I’m operating on the premise that reddit will almost always get it wrong. This will either prove or disprove that premise.

I will only be buying coins that are commonly shitted on in this subreddit. Will post results.”

I’m curious and try to do an experiment from his vow.

In a comment on the same day, OP said he would buy $500 DOGE, $250 TRX and $250 XRP.

His DOGE-TRX-XRP portfolio:

Coins Start value 18/04/2021 05/11/2021 Today value Gain or Loss % DOGE $500.00 0.3205 0.2611 $407.33 -18.53% TRX $250.00 0.1429 0.1037 $181.42 -27.43% XRP $250.00 1.41 1.16 $205.67 -17.73% Total $1,000.00 $794.43 -20.56%​

This sub’s most loved: BTC-ETH-VET-ALGO portfolio

Coins Start value 18/04/2021 05/11/2021 Today value Gain or Loss % BTC $250.00 56216.19 61080.29 $271.63 8.65% ETH $250.00 2237.14 4486.99 $501.42 100.57% ALGO $250.00 1.45 1.85 $318.97 27.59% VET $250.00 0.2546 0.1597 $156.81 -37.27% Total $1,000.00 $1,248.83 24.88%​

So on this part, if it happens exactly like this, he is wrong.


Time can change anything, however. If Ripple does win the lawsuit, the picture would be different. However, as of today, ALGO, Bitcoin and Ethereum returns are better.

A lot of luck would be needed when purchasing some meme coins that later shoot up to the moon.


We still don’t know shit about fuck. Take everything with a grain of salt.

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