$521.29M of assets were liquidated in the previous 24 hours! In which 15.33% were shorts and 84.67% were longs.


In the past 24 hours we saw the crypto market making a nosedive again. That means that a lot of assets were liquidated, mostly longs. In this post I sum up some interesting statistics.

The stats in the past 24h at the time of writing:

– In the past 24 hours, $521.29M of assets were liquidated.
– Liquidated longs and shorts: $441.38M were longs (84.67%) and $79.91M were shorts (15.33%).
180.737 traders were liquidated.
– Top 3 Liquidations: $245.07M of ETH, $112.58M of BTC and $12.63M of SOL.
– The largest single liquidation order happened on Okex – BTC-USD-SWAP value $3.91M.

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Source: https://www.coinglass.com/LiquidationData

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