$4M Size ECC Launching Real-World Crypto Round-up app in the Next Few Months


$4M MC DeFi as a sevice Empire Capital Coin is launching its Roundify app in the next months or so. Initially it’s gonna beta in US, CA, NZ and AU. The team is fully doxxed (available on LinkedIn), ECC is also a legaly registered company in NZ.

Their CeFi partners Sanem Digital come from Delloite and KPMG what opens whole lot of doors, eg dealing with regulatory issues and getting licences in the US is going extremely smoothly for them.

Whenever you make a purchase in your everyday life, with Roundify it will round up the amount you spent to the nearest denomination. This money can be allocated towards various cryptocurrencies, with ECC always being part of the split. So far BTC and ETH confirmed for other options. So you could go 20% in 5 cryptos, 25% in 4 cryptos, 33% in 3 cryptos, 50% in 2 cryptos or 100% in 1 crypto.

The app is currently in testing alpha and looks pretty sleek. As far as Sanem guys and their laywers finish with the licennces stuff in the US, it’s a GO sometime this summer.

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