$30T in Inheritance coming to Millennials & Gen Z from Boomers


I’m seeing alot of hate from America’s young generations towards the Boomers and alot of posts with the theme “crypto will save us from the boomers”. The fact is that the Boomer generation is sitting on the largest IRA/401K paper wealth in US history and the vast majority will be passed down via inheritances.

Now: imagine what happens when Millenials & Gen X/Z get their hands on that 30T inheritance incoming? Where do you think the young generations are going to stash a large, large portion of that $30T? Crypto. This incoming wealth transfer will also create a massive asset class re-balancing.

– edited to correct for gen X. I’m gen x and even I forget we exist sometimes.

” The largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history will pass down over $30 trillion in inheritance from baby boomers to millennials and Generation X across the next few decades. “


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