2x can make a big difference


Many stories here are about 10x or 100x your money. But even a simple 2x can make a huge difference.

My parents weren’t rich. They had big debts, I never learned to save money for a back-up. At an age of 28 I saved my first 1K. I was so proud.

Now I’m 29 and for the first time in my life I have 5K on my bankaccount as a back-up (I live in Europe for perspective, rich country so this is not much).

Also crypto gave me a 2x on my investments last year as well. 2x… in one year! Those are insane gains for me. To have a decent back-up gave me peace in my mind. From every 2x or more, I will take out my initial investments to pay off my student debts. Crypto is really a change for my financial state. Am I careful? Yes, maybe too much. But I am not in for big lambo’s. I just want to have a nice family and no financial worries. Yep, that would be nice. And a 2x will already help with that.

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