100% of the wallets holding BTC are now in profit!


The BTC just broke its ATH. This means that anyone who ever bought BTC at any fucking price is now in profit.

Kudos to the ones who bought BTC!

Kudos to the ones who held through 28k!

Kudos to the ones who believed in BTC!

And this is all just getting started. Not even 10% of the world are invested in crypto (ofcourse excluding the XMR gang). Imagine what happens when 30% of the world gets into cryptocurrencies or when 50% gets in or when the whole world starts using it.

Crypto will stay here to the foreseeable future. Imagine after a century or two when all the world is using crypto and we were the ones who used it in the first decade of its inception.

Soon not just institutions but governments will start to FOMO into BTC and then we’ll see real gains.

There’s no top to Bitcoin because there’s no bottom to Fiat.

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