10 years ago the point of cryptocurrency was to be a P2P electronic cash that anyone in the world could use, a decentralized currency that no one can stop you from using. Are there any current projects that reflect this original design?


I like the idea of a fully decentralized p2p e-cash, is there anything that still resembles this vision?

After reading the bitcoin whitepaper which outlines how bitcoin was supposed to work, crypto seemed really cool. But the vision of BTC is long dead and it no longer aims to be what it was designed to be.

One things I have to point out though is that ‘centralization’ of control of money is decentralized by having many mining nodes, full nodes that don’t mine add zero value to decentralization.

I’m interested in a crypto that anyone can use for things, that no one can stop them from using. High fees pretty much make this not possible. Is there anything for me?

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