10 days since “How to Create your very own Shit Coin” and suddenly we’re on our way to Uranus


10 days ago, u/Odlavso wrote an entire post on how (easy it was) to create your own coin on the Algorand blockchain, adding the usual disclaimers about it being a merely academic experiment, and warning people to not jump into it – of course everyone piled in on it and it’s become a thriving community with its own sub r/ButtCoinASA (visit it for links to its Discord, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram).

ButtCoinASA’s chart has been steadily climbing, prompting promoters of other shitcoins to dump on it and discredit the project, even as liquidity continues to increase, a logo has been designed and a website is being worked on. Volunteers have been working towards verification and building connections in the Algo ecosystem.

If you’d like to learn how to buy Butts and join the ride “to Uranus!” here’s a clear and helpful post on how. To be a butthead, you’ll need to have a good, strong clench – much of the community is learning everything from scratch and figuring things out as we go along, but that’s the point – Odvalso started it to teach themselves something, and now they’ve left it to us to continue the lessons.

In a not-so-bullish time for crypto, figuring it out may not be the worst approach to take. This post may be riddled with technically inept descriptions, but I myself didn’t know anything about DeFi or pooling or ASAs or minting NFTs or what a smart contract actually looked like until ButtCoinASA became a thing. I’ve since been paying for my school fees in BUTT and ALGO and quite enjoying all of it.

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