1 year ago, I said Bitcoin was going to $0, now 80% of my money it’s on Crypto.


So yeah, I was a non believer 1 year ago. I have a friend that has been on crypto since 2017 or something like that. The thing is that he was always talking about it, and we discussed it along the years. I’m an economist so I was all into the financial system until I get out of that mindset and really started studying the defi theory, I realized that the actual financial system was a scam years ago, but didn’t saw crypto as an alternative for the huge problem that most of us share, which is centralized power, specially centralized finance.

Now I see crypto as the only option for humanity on the long run, we will have a lot of resistance along the way coming from old dinosaurs that are afraid of this new technology, they know right now that it is a threat for the current system as we know it, and there is no way to really stop it, ’cause there is no headquarters, there is no CEO.

Crypto it’s the way.

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