1 day left for the metrics to become official


Tomorrow, on September 7, Bitcoin is going to become a legal tender in El Salvador.

194 more countries to go!

This is the beginning of a world revolution.

You can track it here: loadingbitcoin.com


The metrics are not related to Bitcoin wallets and neither related to exchanges.

Instead, they are related to Nation’s law.

After 12 years, Bitcoin will be explicitly recognized as legal tender by a nation for the first time in history.

This means that on September 7:

0.08% of the world population is going to accept bitcoin as legal tender. 0.01% of the earth surface will be under national rules that recognize Bitcoin as a legal tender 0.03% of world GDP is going to be, by law, indirectly correlated to Bitcoin.

Despite the numbers are still low, this is a big step.

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