🚨 PSA: There’s a Government auction of 5 BTC on Oct26-28 on which 1 BTC starts at $27k


One thing I have learned about crypto is that you’ll likely find deals at the unlikeliest places. I have missed the crypto train [sob]. I used to have $600 back in 2015 and was suggested to buy BTC by my friends. Sadly I decided to by a new laptop instead (which broke years ago). Today, I have found some rather interesting deal. The sad part is that I am going to miss it again because I am too poor to afford the starting bid prices but I am just sharing in case someone in the sub might be interested.

There is this website called GSA Auctions. It is an Auctions Website which specializes in selling Proprietary surplus, Government obsolete properties, as well as seized items from police. It is like a giant thrift shop online and most listing offerings are based in USA. I have used the site for several months now and its a goldmine! You’ll find dirt cheap stuff (in my case, printer toner in new packaging) everywhere although you have to plan the shipping of the items because they don’t ship to your doorstep.

Today is rather curious because I discovered that THEY ARE NOW SELLING BTC which I’m going to assume that these are seized assets from some shady criminal somewhere.

Fall for Cryptocurrency – GSA Auctions

On October 26-28, 2021, there is this event called Fall for Cryptocurrency on which they plan to publicly sell about 5 BTC. For anyone interested here is the link: https://gsaauctions.gov

If you are too lazy to open a new tab, I’ve summarized the offerings below:

FIRST LOT: 0.44 BTC with a starting bid of $11 971 SECOND LOT: 0.75 BTC with a starting bid of $20 405 THIRD LOT: 1.00 BTC with a starting bid of $27 206 FOURTH LOT: 1.25 BTC with a starting bid of $34 008 FIFTH LOT: 1.50 BTC with a starting bid of $40 809

PS: I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with GSA Governement Auctions. I am just a poor ADA staker who daydreams about owning a lambo.

Summary of offerings

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